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Here is a collection of podcasts to help in the treatment and management of IBD. Many of them are referenced elsewhere in the website. All of them may be downloaded, copied and distributed except as otherwise noted.

Growing Up With IBD
A personal interview with Dr. Louis Cohen, a resident in Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital diagnosed with Crohn's disease at age 16. Dr. Cohen shares memories of his diagnosis, his decision to become a doctor and his experience growing up with IBD.
Breathing Excercise
In this podcast, listeners are guided through an exercise of diaphragmatic, or stomach, breathing. This type of breathing is thought to lessen feelings of anxiety and stress and help to create a sense of relaxation and calm. Saskia Bergmans, our instructor for this podcast, is a Certified Yoga Teacher who has studied yoga in Holland, Israel, Italy and India.
Life With Pedi IBD
Jeremy Lewin, diagnosed with ulcerative colitis at age five, shares his experiences of being a teenager with Pedi IBD.