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Heading back to school?

Did you know that there are ways to make your school day less stressful? Because you spend a big part of your day at school, it can help to know what kinds of changes can be made that can make it easier to deal with your TiBD.
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You've been diagnosed with TiBD. So now is the time to find out all you can about your CD or UC. Find information here to help you take an active part in decisions about your treatment and how you manage your life with TiBD. The more you understand about what you are going through, the more confident you'll be to ask important questions of your doctors and have real conversations with your family. You can do this...we're here to help.

Living With Teen IBD

Clean Hands: Did you know that one of the best ways to stop the spread of colds and flu is by washing your hands? >> Read more

Sunscreen: How to enjoy the sun safely
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Clear Liquid Diets: Why they are prescribed
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Tanning: Are tanning beds a good option? Pills?
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On the Go: Traveling when you have Pedi IBD can sometimes be a challenge >> Read more

Just In Case Kit: Emergency items to have onhand
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