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Clear Liquid Diet

You’ve probably had to be on this diet at least once already and will probably be on it again in the future.  Clear liquid diets are prescribed before a procedure like a colonoscopy or endoscopy to let the doctor get the best view of your empty digestive tract. The better the doctor can see the inside of your intestines, the more information they will be able to get about your disease.

Maybe you think of the Clear Liquid Diet as what you CAN’T have – trying some of the recipes below may help you think of what you CAN have, like:

Hot Apple Pie – a mug, not a slice-
1 cup apple juice, teaspoon of honey, ½ teaspoon of vanilla extract, pinch of cinnamon. Heat, stir and enjoy.

White Grape or Lemon Slush – everyone in your family will want to share this-
1 cup ice, 1 cup white grape juice or lemonade (pulp-free), blend in blender for 3 minutes or until slushy.

Broth Ice Cubes – an on-the-go way to drink broth-
Fill ice cube trays with broth and freeze. Pop a few frozen cubes into a mug and microwave for 30 seconds for broth on the go.

Other things that are ok to have on Clear Liquid Diet

Lemonade (no pulp)
White Grape and apple juice
Lemonade (with no pulp)
Energy drinks (not red colored)
Beef, chicken or vegetable broth
Popsicles (not red colored)
Jello (not red colored)
Honey in hot water

The key is to avoid anything may contain a red dye such as purple orange and blue colors.  Although it may seem hard, there is still room to be creative!