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School and Pedi IBD

Did you know that there are ways to make your school day less stressful? Because you spend a big part of your day at school, it can help to know what kinds of changes can be made that can make it easier to deal with your Pedi IBD.

backpackYou and your parents or guardian may consider whether or not requesting accommodations for health related issues at school is right for your family. Knowing what laws are in place to protect and help students with special health needs, such as Pedi IBD, can help you to make this decision.

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973

Section 504 says that no child can be denied access to education because of a physical disability at any institution that gets money from the federal government.

This Act gives parents and children with Pedi IBD the legal right to set up a 504 Plan with your school to accommodate any special physical or health related needs you may have.

This means that you cannot be left out of any school activity including

  • classes, field trips, school sponsored clubs and athletics

because you have Pedi IBD.

A 504 Plan helps to make sure that you can join in all of these activities without having to worry about your Pedi IBD as much.

A 504 Plan is a legal agreement between parents/child and school personnel that lists any changes to your school’s rules that you believe will help to make your life at school with Pedi IBD as easy to manage as possible.

A 504 Plan lists all changes that have to do with your special health needs, in this case having Pedi IBD.

Individuals With Disabilities Act or IDEA (enacted 1975)

IDEA is an Act that also makes sure that all children have the same access to public education whether or not they have special health needs.

The Americans With Disabilities Act or ADA (enacted 1990)

The ADA lists most of the same regulations as in Section 504 and IDEA and once again makes sure children with special health needs, like Pedi IBD, get the same education as everyone else.

Changes to make your school day better

For children with Pedi IBD, changes can be things like

  • being allowed to use the bathroom in an emergency or an any time bathroom pass
  • being allowed to use a private bathroom if the school has one
  • storing emergency items in nurse or other staff office
  • eating small snacks/ drinks throughout the day
  • being late or absent from school because of a doctor’s appointment or being sick without penalty
  • rescheduling project/exam deadlines
  • help making up for missed classroom time/assignments
  • home-tutoring if you are out of school for a long time

Taking Medications at School

Do you have medications that you need to take during the day while at school? For you to be allowed to do this, your parents have to let the school know ahead of time. Your school will then let you and your parents know what information they need to allow you to take your medications in school.

Your parents can ask that the school keep a list of

  • every time you take a medication/ what medication is
  • every time you miss a dose of medication / reason why

For questions about anything to do with school and Pedi IBD, contact the United States Department of Education directly at

  • US Department of Education
    Office for Civil Rights
    Tel:  800.421.3481
    Email: OCR@ed.gov