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blender ballStuff to Make Life Easier

Blender Ball 

Nothing makes Instant Breakfast drinks as smooth and creamy. The best thing is, if you are in a rush to get out the door just pour in the mix and milk, shake as you go - no electricity needed. The special whisk ball inside whips up your breakfast drink as well as any blender -without the hassle. Drink right from the cup and when you're done you can give the Blender Ball a quick rinse or pop it in the dishwasher. You can find the Blender Ball at most health food stores and online.


bronzerBronzers are a quick way to brush on a tan. If you can’t go in the sun because of TiBD medications, this can be a good way to go. Bronzers are less messy than creams, much safer than tanning and can offer you more control as to how much color you want and where you want it. Here are 3 of the top selling bronzing products for 2009.

Urban Decay Baked Bronzer

Great for everyday use for school or weekends.
The different shades give you a good selection of color choices. You may need to reapply during the day.
Baked  - for a lighter, almost gold bronze
Gilded – a more tan color with some shimmer
Toasted – day-at-the-beach glow, very natural looking
All shades

  • feel clean on
  • great choice of color shades
  • even color, no streaks
  • can be used as sheer cream
  • natural ingredients
  • not tested on animals

Cargo (Water Resistant)

This is a great choice for situations where you might need extra stay color that is water resistant. Cargo is a good choice for all-day color because it is long lasting and wears without fading for hours. Cargo comes in only one shade allowing you to choose how tan to go. Perfect for a more dramatic look too.

Clinique Almost Bronze

This bronzer gives you SPF coverage as well as great color. Great if you are going to be outdoors.  Clinique comes in 2 shades:

  • Light/Medium – for lighter skin tones
  • Medium/Deep – for darker skin tones

You can find all of these products at most major department and Sephora stores as well as online.

Filtering Underwear

What is filtering underwear and what does it filter? The built in charcoal or carbon lining filters out the terrible smell when you pass gas! This piece of clothing can really come in handy if you are having a bad gaseous TiBD flare. The gas odor is almost undetectable, someone sitting right next to you will never smell a thing. And another great feature is that the filter also muffles the noise! They come in a bunch of different styles and colors too. Another option to filter out the terrible smell of gas is a carbon insert that fits in to any of the underwear you already own. Both the underwear and inserts cannot be seen under your clothes. Probably the best styles and color choice comes from a company in England called Shreddies. They do ship to the US and they sell a good quality product that will last through a ton of washes.They also have a worldwide phone number or email in case you have questions. There are other brands as well, just search under ‘flatulence filtering underwear’.

Wet Bags

wet bagWet Happened Wet Bags are great to keep in your ‘In Case Of Emergency Kit’. You can use one instead of a clear resealable plastic bag to take your soiled clothes home in after an accident. These bags are waterproof and almost completely odor proof, unlike plain plastic bags. They come in 5 actually pretty cool patterns and 2 different sizes – the large is great for teens at 14” by 17”. They roll up well so they don’t take up much room empty. No one will ever know what’s inside and once you’re home the clean up is easy, just rinse and toss in the washing machine to use again.